What is the 21-90 rule and How to use it

It is very difficult to develop and form a new habit as it takes lots of time, effort, commitment and practice. The world would have been a different place if people could form new habits within a day. At the same time it is not difficult also to form new habits and the 21/90 life rule is something you can follow to create a habit and add it to your daily routine.

The 21/90 Rule

The 21/90 rule is a unique concept that helps you develop a new habit within 21 days and you can make it a part of your lifestyle within 90 days. Once you develop a habit and pursue it for 21 straight days, it becomes your habit before you know it. After you have established that habit, you continue to do it for another ninety days. After 3 months, it will become a permanent fixture of your lifestyle.

This beautiful concept based on habit formations was formulated by the cosmetic surgeon Dr Maxwell Maltz in his self-help book called Psycho Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life.

As per DrMaltz it just takes a mere 21 days of practice for an old mental image of us to dissolve and a new one to “gel”

Now let us find out how you can make this happen:

1. Mark your Goal

The first step is to identify the goal you wish to achieve, be it a personal or a professional goal. Whatever you note down should be specific and achievable.

2. Create a plan

Create a feasible plan so that you do not feel pressurized or stressed to follow it. Choose a suitable time of the day where you can follow the plan. You can also set a backup time in case you are not able to follow the plan on the set time.

3. Build the habit slowly

Take mini steps towards your goal instead rushing through it. It will look a little hard in the beginning, but as the proverb goes ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race’. Stays focused and keep it simple so that you feel completely involved in building the habit. Once you start off with the plan execution, you will build a sense of eagerness. This will bring you closer to the new habit and the formation process will become easier and simpler in the long run. Just remember ‘Consistency is the key’.

4. Commitment and Dedication

Staying committed to a new habit is not an easy task, it is not impossible either. The perfect ingredients for the 21/90 rule is Commitment, Dedication and last but not the least Consistency. First stick to the plan come what may, but be prepared for last minute changes or blocks. That is why you should have a backup plan so that you do not miss on the days to be completed. Having a staunch plan will enable you to stay committed and dedicated throughout.

5. Stay Positive and Motivated

The final step to following the 21/90 rule is stay motivated and positive. Keep your mind refreshed so that you don’t feel disturbed by any negative, discouraging or demotivating thoughts. The best way to do this is to indulge in some kind of meditation techniques, or sit peacefully in the favorite corner of your house. Listening to your favorite music or spending time with children can also rejuvenate and motivate your moods and thoughts.

So take your first step into the 21/90 rule and measure your progress every day. Blindly follow the rule and you would have already reached your goal point before you realize it.

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