oura ring

The brand Oura is a Finland based company started in the year 2013 and with offices in San Francisco.

The Oura ring is a great and easy way to keep a track of the activity levels, physical responses and helps support the personal and fitness goals through a simple ring. Oura Ring is a wearable health and fitness tracker that gives daily reports on your sleep, activity and recovery, which will motivate you to take part in any kind of physical activity.

How does the Oura Ring Work?

Oura ring uses a combination of a simple design and a high end sensor technology with a user friendly mobile application to offer accurate, customized health and fitness insights directly from your body.

Oura ring uses three simple ways to measure your fitness and health, which are:

  • Readiness
  • Sleep
  • Activity


Oura tracks your body changes, checks on your daily habits and provides a complete report of your recovery. It also informs you about your capacity to perform mentally, emotionally and physically.


This functionality of the Oura ring gauges your different sleep variations and nightly heart rates and gives you a clear idea about your sleeping patterns and active guidance on bedtime routines you can follow.


The Activity functionality of Oura ring keeps a tab on your daily activities, and tracks your movement every second. Based on this it offers you a complete package that helps you maintain a healthy equilibrium of activity and recovery.

Oura Ring Features

1. Light Sensors

Oura ring uses the photoplethysmography sensor which is stronger than the LED light that is seen in other fitness tracker wearables.

2. Finger Measurements

Usually doctors measure your arteries by checking the capillaries in the wrist; however the Oura ring checks the health of your arteries directly from the finger itself.

3. Temperature Check

The Oura ring measures your body temperature from your skin instead of checking it from the external environment. Oura ring gives high importance to temperature as it is the actual way to extract the actual information about your body constitution.

4. Accelerometer

Oura ring gives you a daily report on your day to day calorie burn. The finger detection feature of the Oura ring motivates you even for the light movements you make in your house.

5. Waterproof

The Oura ring’s waterproof quality allows you to bathe, swim, dive, wash dishes or do any water bound activity wearing the ring.

What does Oura ring track during the Day time and during the Night time?

During the day Oura ring measures the following components of your body fitness and health:

  • Activity Levels
  • Calories
  • Daily Steps
  • Inactive Times
  • Naps

During the night the Oura ring gauges the following components of your health:

  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variations
  • Rate of Respiration
  • Temperature
  • Sleep Variations
  • Nighttime Movement and Activity
  • Sleep time and quality

The Oura ring is an amazing combination of Health and Technology that helps you keep a constant tab on your fitness and health variations, allows you to make the required improvements to lead a balanced well planned lifestyle.

Visit www.ouraring.com for more details on this fabulous fitness product.