Get a Job! And Scale High….. How many times have you heard this from your parents or from your well wishers? What is the first thing that crosses your mind the moment you think about venturing into the world of career choices and competition?

While you have all the liberty to choose the path to your career and life ahead, set aside a little time to hover around few career options that are uncommon, lucrative and one that tickles your sense for adventure and passion.

1. Food Photographer

I am sure that the delicious look of food on any hotel pamphlet, magazine or a commercial would have caught your eyes and senses and also would have got you drooling for it. Well let me tell you that the actual food is made to look even more tastier and enticing by the Food Photograher .Here are few details that you can go through to know more about a career in Food Photography.

You do not need any specific degree to become a Food Photographer, however a bachelor’s degree or formal training in art or photography will be really helpful. Unexpectedly, Food Photography is one career option that is scaling at a fast pace, is highly competitive and most importantly profitable and lucrative. As this career choice is completely driven by passion, you have all the more chances to scale higher with the introduction of new techniques in your craft.

As a Food Photographer or a Food Stylist, you need to make sure that you stand out to win the loyalty of your clients. You can go about with some freelance work initially and then once you have your finances in places, you can start your own studio.

A few things that can help you are you should have a unique networking style, should have a dedicated eye for angles, lighting and colors and last but not the least a correct amount of time of training.

Courses on Food Photography are available on the following links:



Few institutes in India that are offering courses on Food Photography are:

  1. Shari Academy
  2. TGC Animation and Multimedia
  3. Mod’art India
  4. Institute of Baking and Cake Art
  5. Institute of Photography Excellence
  6. Delhi School of Photography
  7. Milton Academy

Though the initial journey is slightly tasking, the end result of this particular caree option is worthwile.

2. Ethical Computer Hacker

The term ‘Hacker’ always reflects a negative image, but did you know that a computer programmer can use their skills for good as ‘Ethical Hackers’.

Huge corporates and Government organizations use the skill and knowledge of Ethical Hackers to tighten the security of the networking systems and to bring out the weak points of their respective websites. There are about 160 colleges offering Ethical Hacker courses in India and you can get more information on


You may also visit the following websites to know more about Ethical Hacking courses online



3. Chocolate Taster

Have a  piece of chocolate and get paid for it too!… doesn’t it sound overwhelming? Well, that’s exactly what a Chocolate taster does. The Chocolate Taster does not demand any specific qualification, you only need to have the right taste buds for perfect taste recognition and an obsession for confectionary. However the job description for a Chocolate Taster does check if you are enthusiastic enough to try new and inventive products and you should have a firm hold of the English Language.

To become a certified chocolate taster you have to pass a exam organized by the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao tasting. You can gather more information from the following website links

4. Mystery Shopper

Basically a Mystery Shopper ventures on shopping trips with other people’s money, however ideally the main aim is to assess the store’s customer service, cleanliness and other related aspects of the store.

A Mystery Shopper job is a part time position and the hiring is done on an “as needed” basis. Please visit the following website to know more about this job option.


5. Art Therapist

Are you a passionate artist and do you read people well? Then you are eligible to be a certified Art Therapist. All you need is a  master’s degree in Psychology and a formal education in both Psychology and Art Therapy to choose this particular career option. Check the website link https://homegrown.co.in/article/803571/five-centres-in-india-that-bring-mental-health-to-the-fore-using-art-therapy to know more about different centres in India that offer Art Therapist courses.

6. Marine Biologists

Would you like to explore the ocean world and learn more about the acquatic creatures? Then a Marine Biologists is the right career option for you. To become a Marine Biologists you must choose Physics, Chemistry and Biology as your 12th standard subjects. Post which you should pursue your UG and PG course in Marine Biology respectively. Check these links https://www.mindler.com/careerlibrary/Life-Science-Environment/marine-biology-as-a-career-in-india and https://www.biotecnika.org/2019/12/marine-biologist-as-a-career-marine-biology-career-paths/  to know more about this career option.

7. Brewmaster

Do you love Beer? How about trying to make one for a living? A Brewmaster makes beer as a part of their job and the other responsibilities include studying and cleaning the beer making equipment, experiementing with new recipes and travelling to different events during weekends. The Vasantdada Sugar Institute in Pune offers relevant courses in Beer Brewing and its related subjects. Click on this link to know more about the same. https://www.brewer-world.com/vasantdada-sugar-institute-pune/#:~:text=M.Sc%20(WBAT)%20is,Making%2C%20Brewing%20and%20Alcohol%20Technology.

8. Wedding Planner

India is literally considered as a land of weddings and here you get a chance to be a part of different wedding cultures. Getting a chance to organize them is definitely challenging, but at the same time highly rewarding. From choosing the right décor to food tasting, from helping your clients find the right destination for the wedding to helping them choose their attires and much more can be a part of your daily job if you choose this career option. There’s a lot of physical and mental hardwork that goes into this, however the job of a wedding planner is highly glamorous, rewarding and satisfying. There is no any specific degree  for becoming a Wedding planner, however there are certain skills you need to be a good wedding planner.

Excellent organizational skills, ability to multitask, good communication and people skills are some of the traits they look for in a good and an able wedding planner.

9. Toy Creator

A Toy Designer or Toy Creator’s job can be considered as one of the most fun filled and satisfying career options in the world. You have to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in some field linked to art or design. Additionally, you should be well versed with certain softwares used by toy designers such as toys, zbrush, stp files etc. The National Institute of Design in Bangalore is one of the few institutes in India that offer Toy Design Courses. You can find more about this institute through the below link.


10. Wardrobe Stylist

A Wardrobe Stylist’s job is to choose the perfect outfit or attire for someone and it is a dream job for fashion lovers. Retail stores hire Wardrobe stylists to dress mannequines and design displays on the shop windows. On the other hand self-employed personal stylists has huge clients in big cities. You can start by doing a short diploma course on styling or be a certified stylist. You can also work as a intern to get a start with this particular career option. The NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) and the Pearl Academy are some of the institutes in India where you can find fashion stylist courses.

Give these career options a thought and if it matches you passion, simply go for it. Certain career options in this blog can be also chosen for as a part time position.