Travlflu is a flight/hotel comparison website that allows you to evaluate and choose the best flight and hotel options for your travel without burning a hole in your pocket. Travlflu comes in more than 60 different languages for easy comprehension and for the traveller’s convenience. So far we have only seen travel websites comparing either only the hotels or just the flights. But here Travlflu helps you compare not only the hotels but also the flights. Through Travlflu you can compare and choose accommodations ranging from budget hotels to deluxe luxury ones and you will definitely find a huge difference in the charges when compared to other hotel websites.

Websites such as Trivago only deals with hotel comparisons, whereas websites such as ixigo, Travelocity, TripAdvisor Flights etc only deals with flight comparisons and bookings. So here is where Travlflu stands apart as you get to check the flight charges as well as the hotel deals from one single platform, which eases your work of planning your travel.

The services of Travlflu are not just confined to one single place and cater to customers all over the world.  You just have to pick and choose the affordable flight and hotel, book them and start off. It is as simple as that with Travlflu.

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