1. Time is the most scarcest and valuable resource

There are about 1440 minutes in a day and this is something you can use to change your life completely if you put it to the right use. Truly realize the value of every single minute and then you can easily ensure to reach highest peak of productivity in your career and ultimately in your life.

So do not wait to do some push ups or sit-ups for your health, take time to breathe life into your relationships by telling your near and dear ones how much you love them. It just takes a minute for you to have a breakthrough idea and before you realize it your business is at a breakeven point.

Simply maximize the minutes of your day to get the entire bunch of your work done.

2. Identify your Most Important Task (MIT)

Identify that particular work project that is going to take you to your desired success area, or that specific work project that will double your business profits. Once that is done just disintegrate it down to pieces and start working on it piece by piece. Once you break the project down into pieces you can use a time schedule to work on your project in a set pattern. This will boost your time management skill and will make you more disciplined.

3. Use your Calendar instead of your To Do List

Do you know that most of the self-made billionaires and millionaires have given innumerable reasons for their success, but none of them have mentioned anything about a To Do List. A research study has revealed that about 40% of the items that are put on the To Do List are never executed. So instead of your To Do List, pick a particular day or time from your calendar to start on your urgent and most important work.

4. Stop Postponing or Procrastination

When you know that your problem is procrastination, the solution we have to find out is to How to overcome Procrastination or the habit of postponing your task?

The solutions to this problem is simply procrastinate your excuses and try to thrash them to the ground by acting out in the present moment.

Lazy to wake up for the early morning jog, then place your alarm at the end of the room so that you get up from your bed to switch off the alarm. If by chance the next excuse plops up, then find the next immediate way to overcome the excuse.

5. Focus on More Things to Do

Do not let your brain decide and set your time for the day. Get the feeling that there will always be more to do and this thought is what drives smart entrepreneurs and businessmen forward. If you have set a 10 hour working window for your project, then be firm about it and allocate the rest of the time for your health or relationships. Do not waste a single minute.  In short never be done with your work.

End your day only when you feel tired and realize that you cannot work anymore for the day. This ideally means that your work must keep going on and there is no a completion point for your task whatsoever.

6. Keep a Notebook Handy

Jotting down ideas, motivational quotes or anything you see or experience, in a notebook is a very useful habit. It is ideally your brain telling you to capture the information which you may need to tackle a situation in life or to simply build your business empire.

7. Shut off your Email and Phone Notifications

This doesn’t mean that you shut the world out and stay within yourself. Control the use of your inbox and social media applications only when you really need it. Do not make it a tool for procrastination or something to while away your precious time. Use your email and browse the internet only when you feel the real need for it so that you do not get distracted. This will in turn adversely affect your work productivity in the long run.

8. Meetings to be a part of your last resort schedule

Do not indulge in long meetings especially during the start of the day or the morning hours. Keep the meetings and other collaborative work for the later part of the day and ensure to keep the meetings and discussions short and simple. Basically use the meeting room to just discuss ideas and nothing more.

9. Prioritize things that support your immediate goals

Always prioritize your goals first and everything else comes second. And they only way you can get this done is by saying a ‘NO’ to people in a polite and a delicate way. By doing so, you will find quality time to work on your goals instead of whiling away the same duration on random unimportant things.

10. The Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule

As per the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule, 80% of your results emerge from 20% of your work. This ideally means that you should take time, slow down or pause a little bit and focus on those part of your project task that reaps maximum results. By doing so you can remain focussed throughout the project and can experience better and fast results.

11. Concentrate on your Strength and Passion

Wear the ‘I am perfect’ attitude and live upto it. Use all the strategies and tactics to infuse perfection into your project, even if you have to delegate the work to your team. Maybe you will not get the perfect result, but 80% of the result should be good enough as per the Pareto principle. Here you are able to save on the rest of time so that you can focus on the rest of the work that needs your due attention.

12. Divide your work into recurring themes

Assign different themes to the employees of your office so that they can focus on a particular type of work. You can divide the week into Prime days, Buffer days and free days. During the Prime days your mainly concentrate on the core part of your job, Buffer days are used to focus on the collaborative work such as attending to emails, phone calls etc. The Rest days can be used for your relaxation.

13. Work on those tasks that can be completed in less than 5 minutes

Just learn to touch everything once or simply use the touch principle. Instead of piling up your work for the end of the day, try and complete those tasks that just take 5 minutes of your day.

14. Make effective use of your Early Mornings

Early Mornings are the best time to build up and nourish your mind, body and spirit. Make the first hour of the day count and your whole day will become productive automatically.

15. Use your Focus and Energy for better Productivity

As mentioned in the beginning we all have 1440 minutes in a day available for us. So you just have to focus and energize yourself well for reaping maximum productivity out of your work. Take regular breaks, drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated and get good amount of deep sleep. Use the sprint technique where you work and then take a break, walk around, take deep breaths and then again get back to work.