1. How to check the background of my PIO/NRI fiancé (bride or groom)?

Even before you get engaged please conduct a thorough verification of the bride or the groom using the following particulars:

Check the status of the spouse by verifying the:

  • Marital Status-whether single, divorced or separated
  • Employment Status- qualification and designation, salary status, office address, name of the employer and their respective credentials.
  • Immigration status- Visa type, if the person is eligible to take the spouse abroad.
  • Financial status- check with the employer for details on the financial background of the spouse.
  • Criminal background if any
  • Family background.

2. What documents should be verified when entering into a marriage with an NRI or PIO?

  • Visa and Passport
  • Social Security Number
  • Passport Number
  • Tax Returns document of preceding 3 years
  • Address Proof of the foreign country

3. What are the things to be avoided with respect to NRI marriages?

  • Never trust any bureau, agent or middleman blindly.
  • Never enter into any fake transactions or forge documents for any reason whatsoever.
  • Do not fall prey to any fake schemes that claim to give you an easy migration route or an easy green card through marriage.
  • Do not be secretive about the whole NRI proposal and ensure to share it with your friends and relatives who could help you in getting important information that might be useful to you.
  • Do not solemnize or register the marriage at a far off destination.
  • Never agree to get married in a foreign country and conduct the ceremony in the home country itself.

4. My NRI husband is ill-treating me in the name of dowry after I have moved with him to the foreign country. What should I do?

  • First and foremost thing is to step away from the marriage proposal that demands a dowry.
  • Please approach the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate for assistance or advice, and get help to file a complaint in the local police station, contact your family or friends immediately.
  • The Indian Embassy will also give you the contact information about the local NGO’s who can assist you immediately.

5. Should I register the marriage in India if I am marrying an NRI?

You must register the marriage at the office of the Registrar in India before your NRI husband/wife leave the country. The marriage certificate issued by the Registrar should be kept handy by you and your family in India. Along with please ensure to keep the following documents handy such as:

  • Husband’s Passport copy
  • Husband’s Driving License copy
  • Wedding Invitation
  • Marriage Photographs
  • Any ID proof issued by the foreign country.
  • Address proof of the residence in the foreign country.
  • Visa Address proof of both bride and the groom.
  • Marriage Registration certificate should be kept safe and secure always
  • All the original documents pertaining to the visa processing should be kept safe and handy.
  • Affidavit from the spouse stating the present marital status.
  • Health/comprehensive insurance policy before arriving in the foreign country.
  • Keep your passport safe and also an extra copy of the passport in the foreign country.

6. What are the precautions to be taken before leaving India after the marriage to an NRI person?

  • Keep a list of the contact details of neighbours, friends, relatives, your husband’s employer in the foreign country, police, ambulance and the contact details of the Indian Embassy or High Commission of the country where you and your husband is residing.
  • Ensure to keep the photocopies of all the important documents including your passport, visa, bank and property documents , marriage certificate, wedding photos and other important papers and phone numbers with parents or other trustworthy people in India or abroad.
  • The reason you should keep the photocopies of all the documents is it will become useful if your spouse or spouse’s relatives destroy the original documents, if they forcibly confiscate it or if you lose them. It is advisable to also keep a scanned copy of these documents with your and also with the person you trust.

7. What are the precautions a newlywed Indian woman can take in a foreign country?

  • Open a bank account in the country of residence, so that you can withdraw money in emergency and be financially independent.
  • Understand the laws of the foreign country and your rights there, especially against any form of abuse or neglect, including ill-treatment, domestic violence, how to get residence permit etc.
  • Always keep in constant touch with your friends and relatives in the foreign country through phone and email.
  • Try to learn the language of the country you reside in after marriage.

Source – –https://mea.gov.in/images/pdf/faq-marraiges-of-indian-women.pdf

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