The Eyes of Darkness By Dean Koontz

The book ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ by Dean Koontz starts off on a horror mode, enters into a romantic space and abruptly ends on a sci-fi mode. It really did bring tears to my eyes at the beginning of the book, further made me feel hopeful, however at the end I had to finish the book feeling curious and confused.

Here’s a quick look at the book contents in short:

Tina Evans, the protagonist of the story is a handling depression and disappointment due to her son Danny’s death.  Tina believes Danny is still alive, despite the fact that he perished in an accident during their Boy Scout trip almost a year ago. When a terrestrial force tries to communicate by saying, “not dead,” her suspicions grow even deeper. As a result, Tina and her lover Elliot Stryker, who is also a lawyer, attempt to exhume Danny’s body in order to prove their misgivings.

The narrative takes a pivotal turn when Danny’s presumed death is discovered to be linked to a government conspiracy. The heroes then digs deeper , with the help of Danny’s telekinesis power, that the entire project was a part of a government-funded secret experiment.

This top-secret research facility was founded with the goal of developing a biological weapon that could be employed in other countries. Danny is used as a guinea pig for their tests, and the Wuhan-400 super-virus is generated here. Danny was not killed by the scientific tests, and in fact, he obtained physic powers as a result of them, which enabled him to contact his mother. Finally, during their final escape, Danny assassinates the crucial scientist.

Book Review

As mentioned, the book does start off on a supernatural road and finally leads to a sci-fi turn. However the book is filled with unnecessary details which could have been avoided, as this somehow tends to bore you or confuse you at some point. Probably the author had a different idea at the beginning, but as and how the story developed, guess the author’s story plan also got deviated at some point.

Though the novel’s buildup was wonderful, I believe the climax was written redundantly. The antagonist of the story were not given enough prominence or we could not feel his measure of strength.  Moreover, Danny exhibited high end telekinetic power which could crash choppers and block gun functions, if then the only question you can ask yourself is why couldn’t the child escape from the research facility without any assistance from his mother (Tina Evans).

The human-made biological weapon Wuhan-400 created in this book, according to the author, is named after Wuhan, China; nevertheless, there is no link between the mortality rate of Coronavirus (2 percent, according to WHO) and Wuhan-400 (100 percent according to the author). Aside from the super-origin, virus’s the readers will discover no correlation between what is happening now and what will happen in 2020 during the global pandemic.

Last but not the least, the climax was a bit abrupt or was incomplete, since as a reader I still feel there could have been more to the story on how the child developed the telekinetic power or if the child had already possessed the same even before his capture.

The book ‘Eyes of Darkness’ by Dean Koontz started off as a good read, but this review is more than enough to give you a clear snapshot of what the book actually is all about.

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