Time and Budget constraints is something that is hampering the businesses primarily in the small firms.Direct mail campaigns and television commercials have turned out to be highly expensive and time consuming.

When it comes to direct mail campaigns, the printing, designing and the mailing costs can surely burn a hole in your pocket. As for television commercials, the time involved in shooting the ads and the money involved in broadcasting the same can prove to be exorbitant.

This is where Email Marketing proves to be the best option for businesses who are aiming to reach a wider audience. The efficient use of time and budget are one of the highlighted benefits of Email Marketing

Framing a decent and professional email marketing campaign is not some kind of rocket science or laborious. Moreover, sending emails to a large group of people is also very inexpensive and easy. Email marketing is all about introducing your product as well as business to thousands of people within a very short span of time. On the other hand, when it comes to the other forms of marketing, you are only able to reach to a small range of audience and it does not help in creating potential customers.

Now let us take a look at the most promising email marketing tools that can take your business to altogether different level:

Aweber- The Most Reliable Email Marketing Tool

Email Marketing is literally the new shining star in the marketing arena. AWeber is email marketing software that primarily focuses on providing a stress-free marketing tool for small and medium businesses. If you would like to create beautiful email templates in seconds, then AWeber is the right software for you.

AWeber has the following features in store which makes it the best email marketing software in the industry:

Aweber is email marketing software whose focal point is pinned on providing stress-free marketing with beautiful email templates. The following features of Aweber are simply enough to take your business to its break even.

  • Smart Design Assistant- Generate a great-looking email template within seconds powered by AI.
  • Excellent Landing Pages- Build eye-catching landing pages that takes your business online quickly.
  • Drag and Drop Email feature- Do not depend on coding and create custom emails using the Drag and Drop feature of Aweber.
  • Large Template Library-Choose email templates from the huge library to expedite the starting process.
  • Automatic Newsletters- Broadcast the latest blog posts and generate suitable email content for your business.
  • Automated Campaigns-Automate email personalization and email sending through in-built campaigns.
  • Marketing Campaigns- High performing pre-built campaigns to automate your marketing efforts.
  • Email AMP- Use the latest technology in the email space to make your email messages look direct and interactive.
  • Best Deliverability Technology-Aweber has a perfect control over the delivery of email messages as they do not outsource the process. Aweber ensures to deliver the messages to people’s mailboxes promptly.
  • Pre-made Reports and Analytics- Aweber showcases a library of pre-made reports and analytics that will help you analyze your email results and campaigns. The Key Performance Indicatiors(KPIs) in the reports will help you infer and understand the results easily. Also view the various subject lines and messages for your business that can provide excellent results for your business improvement and success.
  • Absolutely Free Migration Services- The inhouse customer support team of Aweber helps you migrate your email lists from anywhere in the world into Aweber.
  • Easy and Simplified email list management- Ensure that the right email reaches the right recipients primary mailbox at the right time.
  • An All combined Sign-up Form- the Integrated Sign-up form will help you grow your email lists of people faster.

The email marketing features of Aweber gives you everything that is required for a startup or a large enterprise. It also saves your time as you do not have to go round in circles trying out several email marketing softwares. Rely on Aweber and you will get a strong email subscriber lists and guaranteed email delivery into the customers inbox.

ACTIVE CAMPAIGN- A Wholesome Email Automation Experience

The ActiveCampaign email platform was formulated with prime intent of automating the Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and the CRM tools to provide the best experience for the customers.

Companies can automate the background processes and effectively communicate with their customers across several channels with personalized and intelligence-driven messages using ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaignmeticulously creates and constructs each and every step of automation to boost the customer’s experience. The four Automation Principles of ActiveCampaign are:

Reach and Engage– This Automation technique of ActiveCampaign uses different tools such as Automation Map, Map Page, Map Links, Map Shelf , Automation Goals, Subscription forms, Site tracking tool and the Facebook Custom Audiences.

Nurture and Educate– Under the Nurture and Educate technique you can find tools such as Email Segmentation, Dynamic content, Predictive content, Event Tracking method and Site messages.

Convert and Close– In the Convert and Close technique you can find tools such as Contact and Lead Scoring, Win Probability, Split Action system and the Attribution tool.

Support and Grow– the Support and Grow technique gives you tools such as the Conversational Marketing tool, Text Message and SMS Marketing tool, Split Testing Mechanism and the Predictive Sending Tool.

The following features of ActiveCampaign are engineered to enhance your business performance to a great extent:

  • Custom-made Email Marketing– Send your emails with a personal touch through the personalized email marketing feature of ActiveCampaign. This in turn widens the target contacts interests to a great limit.
  • Dominant Marketing Automation– the Powerful Marketing Automaton feature of ActiveCampaign points out the pain areas of marketing and guarantees to ease the process. Automation, Segmentation, Contact Management and Email Marketing are the techniques that hold this particular feature of ActiveCampaign.
  • Cool CRM System-ActiveCampaign gives you a real smart and cool CRM system that is ruled by email and sales automation. This streamlines and arranges the customer data on a single platform. This feature is displayed in CRM, Win Probability, Lead Scoring and Automation tool of ActiveCampaign.
  • Website Messaging– This feature of ActiveCampaign helps you build a strong rapport with your customers. With this feature you can become the single point of contact for all your customers’ needs. You can see this feature in Site Messaging, Engagement Tracking, SMS and Segmentation.
  • High End Reporting System- Delve deep into your data and figure out what works and what does not work properly for your business with the Advanced Reporting feature of ActiveCampaign.
  • Full-fledged Training and Support System- Enjoy one on one support and training facility with the help of the vast library of tutorial videos and help guides.
  • Website Migration Services- Avail the free migration service and move your current website to ActiveCampaign at no extra cost.
  • Gmail Extension feature- With ActiveCampaign you get an extension to your Gmail account that will help you manage your contacts from anywhere.
  • Automation Goals- Measure your marketing actions through custom made and automated goals of ActiveCampaign.
  • IOS CRM App-Use the IOS CRM App to manage your contacts, send emails and update deals related to your business.

The user friendly feature and the different automation tools of ActiveCampaign prove the fact that you do not have to be a tech-savy to use ActiveCampaign for your business.

GetResponse-The  perfect choice for your business

Introduce your business to the digital marketing platform without any anxiety or dilemma with GetResponse email marketing software.

Excellent Reliability, Good Analytics and various third party associations is what you get with GetResponse.  Moreover you are also introduced to advanced automation elements and other related sophisticated features that suit the Internet Marketing space. Apart from this, you also get to experience the user friendly feature and its cost effective nature.

Create content that matches your business requirements, Sales Promotions and increase traffic to your website with the functions of GetResponse.

Let’s take a look at the robust features of GetResponse that are well engineered to support your business marketing needs:

  • Email Newsletters– These are one-time email announcements from where you can derive detailed information on the upcoming offers and other related updates about your product or service.
  • Autoresponders-This feature is specially formed to automate follow-up emails so that you can develop and maintain a strong rapport with your customers.
  • Email Automation– This unique feature of GetResponse sends spot emails to duly inform your customers about purchases, abandoned carts, website visits and much more.
  • Segment-specific sends- increase your engagement points with core recipient groups through the  Segment-specific needs
  • Time your emails- Deliver the emails on time to the right inbox with the Time travel delivery tools of GetResponse.
  • Automatic Blog Digests- Enhance your blogs potential by sharing posts via email and exhibit it on the social media platform.
  • Email Creator- This feature of GetResponse allows you to generate simple and decent email marketing campaigns. The drag and drop email editor element of the Email creator helps you design and customize your emails easily. Moreover access more than 100 email templates and 5000 licensed images from shutterstock designed with extraordinary expertise and brilliance.
  • Personalized Messages-Personalize your messages by adding the subscriber data to them. This will give a personal touch to your email messages and will boost the engagement rates.
  • Email Analytics- Track statistics and consistently monitor the results of your email campaigns with the Email Analytics feature of GetResponse.
  • Manage your Lists- Frame your email lists with the right form and send targeted emails to acquire more customers for your business.

GetResponse is unique software specially designed for any newbie who wishes to enter the world of online marketing. The rewarding and enticing features of GetResponse assure to give a strong backup and will support you in your business journey.

The old fashioned way of marketing has moved out and the world has paved way for the modern form of marketing through email marketing. No doubt that email marketing is the new kid in the block that is creating waves in the business world with their user friendly and time saving features.