The word ‘Happiness’ is a very generous term when it comes to kids and children. Any sane parent would only demand one thing for their children and that is their Happiness and Wellbeing.

Especially in the current scenario wherein the world revolves around negativity and hatred, it is highly important for parents to secure the mental health of their children.  And it is not rocket science or you do not have to feel stressed to make your children feel stress free and happy. Also it is a proven fact that happy children are more likely to turn into successful, peaceful and accomplished adults.

Let’s check out the few steps that you can follow to make your children feel calm, happy and peaceful in their lives.

Step #1- Be Happy and Stay Happy

Your kids happiness is directly linked to your happiness. It is as simple as that! As per the research a depressed parent causes grave behavioural problems in kids and consequently it makes your parenting tips less effective and useless. Hang out with friends and family members who are fun to be with and also involve your children in your happy discussions or banter. Automatically the positive energy spreads and your kids will absorb the same.

Step #2- Teach your children the importance of relationships

Encourage your children to show random acts of kindness and try to inculcate the feeling of empathy in them so that they can relate to others in a graceful manner. Stress on the importance of relationship links so that they project a loving and an empathetic attitude towards their friends, relations and neighbours. Through this step a positive circle is created around your children which will obviously lead to their happiness and calmness.

Step #3- Do not Expect Perfection and Appreciate the Effort

Ensure to appreciate the effort shown by your kids and stop pressurising them for perfection. Parents who stress on achievement standards are more likely to raise kids with serious behavioural problems, depression issues, anxiety problems and substance abuse issues.

Step #4- Optimism is the Key

‘Everything happens for a good reason’- drill this idea into your child’s head so that he or she views and perceives each situation with an optimistic attitude. When your child learns to read and understand the world with a positive outlook, they are less prone to all the negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, arrogance etc.

Step #5- Enhance the Emotional Quotient Level of the Child

Encourage your child to develop a thought processing behaviour so that they can keep a track of theirs as well others emotions. Follow this simple rule to boost the Emotional Intelligence of your child:

Understand and Empathize; Label and Validate.

Inorder to do that first relate to your child’s emotions and help them identify what they are feeling and let them know that it is perfectly fine to have those feelings. (Even though the feelings or actions are linked to bad behaviour). Further make them understand the right way to perceive the situation and also inform them about the outcomes in case they are not willing to listen or accept.

Step #6- Develop Habits of Happiness

Establish a happy habit and consider the job done! Few tips that you can follow to form a happy habit are:

  • Free yourself from temptations and distractions.
  • Influence your goals with Social Pressure.
  • Do not bombard your kid with innumerable goals, instead help them focus on one goal at a time.
  • Have Patience and do not expect your child to perform with perfection at the first go itself. Instead of de motivating them due to bad performance, encourage and motivate throughout their performance.

Step #7- Self-Control is the right way to a Disciplined Life Ahead

Have you ever heard about the marshmallow test? According to this test a child was restricted to a room with nothing but a marshmallow. He was informed that he can eat the marshmallow now or if he waits for another 15 minutes without eating it, he will get another one. Then the kid was left alone in the room.  As per this test those children who wait for the next marshmallow end up leading a life of self-control and self-discipline.

Induce this habit into your child and before you know it, your child will make it a point to value things in life and will develop an attitude of self-discipline and self-control.

Step #8- Have More Fun

Majority of the kids enjoy the present moment especially when they play. So it is highly important for them to play outdoors instead of staying glued to mobile phones and other forms of gadgets. As per the study, a drop in the unstructured playtime is the reason behind slowing kid’s cognitive and emotional development. Through unstructured play, kids learn to share, to negotiate, to resolve conflicts and also to control their emotions and behaviour.

Step #9- Develop a Happy Environment

Here we would like to stress on the fact that gadgets such as TV or mobile phones do not spread happiness, instead it is only laughter, play and conversations that helps form a happy environment especially for children. Indulge in various activities with your children that will help them remain happy and well-adjusted to life.

Step #10- Have a Family Dinner

Research has shown that kids who eat dinner with their families regularly are more emotionally stable and less prone to abuse drugs and alcohol. Also it is seen that these kids do better at school, does not exhibit depressive symptoms, does not become obese or have an eating disorder. On the whole mealtimes are more influential than time spent in school, studying or playing sports.

Explore new ways to get close to your children and family and you will see that everything will automatically fall in place. God Bless!

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