Lo-fi or Low Fidelity music is becoming a rage among the students and professionals across the world.

The Lo-Fi music that gained popularity in the year 1990 is a different form of sound recording that consists of technical faults which makes the sound different when compared to the live sound recording. These technical faults in the music can instigate the cerebrum and eventually can help the student focus on a test, homework or an assignment.

The distorted music of the Lo-Fi music helps the brain to identify the differences in the sound and in turn gets into a mindset of focus and concentration.

A recent survey revealed that more than 86% of the listeners have noted an increase in their productivity levels and a considerable change in their study habits after listening to the Lo-Fi music.

The prime characteristic of the Lo-Fi music is its disintegrated nature which is created with a specific intention. Due to this nature of the music it immediately catches our attention and gives an interestingly relaxing effect instead of causing a disturbance.

The slower tempo of the Lo-Fi music calms our mind and the faster tempo will amp us up. Its other auditory qualities make this genre of music addictive and nostalgic. As per music experts, when listening to Lo-Fi music, the listener can turn their attention away from the sound and easily focus on other things without losing interest. The repetitive effect of this music is termed as “Cocooning” stimulates your brain to ward off stress and to be productive.

Different Types of Lo-Fi Music

The different types of Lo-Fi music are

Lo-Fi Hip Hop

The Lo-Fi Hip-Hop is a complete instrumental type that is tailored to evoke feelings of calmness and nostalgia. This genre features low and mid-tempos between 70s and 90s beats per minute, with 85 being a common choice among the artists. The Lo-Fi Hip Hop artists include:

  • Idealism
  • SwuM
  • Smoke Trees
  • Eevee
  • Kazam

Lo-Fi House

This genre of Lo-Fi music is usually played at a nightclub and it derives its inspiration from 80s and 90s house music. Though this genre is club music, it still continues to maintain a sense of relaxation and nostalgia. The artists in this stream of music include:


Chillwave also known as the Lo-Fi Synthwave or Glo-Fi is a music genre that popped up in the late 2000s. This form of Lo-Fi music is filled with a faded retro pop sound, light vocals and low to moderate tempos. The Chillwave was one of the first music genres that was developed through the internet. The prominent artists of Chillwave are:

Get yourself a cozy little space and switch on the Lo-Fi music that best suits your mind and you can choose to relax or you can opt to be productive.