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Feeling lazy to drive to your gym? Or is the weather stopping you from going for your regular power walk? Well here’s something you can do within the four walls of your house. You just need to have your fitness shoes handy and a Walk at Home video by Leslie Sansone.

The Leslie Sansone Walk at Home Program is a combination of cardio exercises with power walking that can be done in your home. The Leslie Sansone Walk at Home program is available on a paid app, however you can also view few videos that are uploaded on the youtube. The entire workout session focuses on each part of your body and lets you sweat profusely without indulging in any hard core workouts. The basic idea behind this whole program is that you can work out all your muscles just by walking.

Leslie Sansone is an American fitness instructor who has released more than 100 DVDs and four books  on fitness and health.  Leslie’s fitness programs are not just confined to walking at home, additionally she has also included HIIT workouts, Ab Workouts, 3 Mile walks, 2 Mile Walks, Boosted walk and much more.

The catchiest part of Leslie’s Walk at Home program is your weight does not obstruct your workout in any way. Even beginners can indulge in high intensity workout and before you realize you will be already on your way to boosted stamina and high energy levels. Rest assured the end of the workout will leave you totally energized and rejuvenated.

Leslie’s workouts are all about sculpting your body through power walks and each minute counts in this program. It is a wholesome effort where you get to do intense cardio workouts with brisk walk, flexibility exercises and multi-directional training.

The program starts with a warm up walk, the second phase and the third phase is the fast walk and the final phase is the cool down walk. This cardio workout program focuses on your hips, arms, chest, knee joints and muscles.

Last but not the least, a special mention should be given to the contagious energy of Leslie Sansone clubbed with her immense enthusiasm. She is literally considered as a fitness guru who has given a new meaning to a healthy, stress free and highly motivating workout lifestyle that can be adopted by anyone irrespective of their age group.

Following are few of the youtube channel link and youtube home walk video links you can download to adopt a healthy workout lifestyle:

Channel Name : Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

You can also download the walk at home app from playstore for your android phone.