Practicing self discipline is the best way to get rid of your procrastination habit. Just put in a little effort and you can straighten the path to achieve your goals easily and permanently. There is a lot of difference between being disciplined and being self-disciplined, and it all trickles down to one word-

Will Power

Develop your mindset in such a way so that you make yourself accountable for all the actions taken in your life. This is practically the first step to get started with self discipline.

In short Self Discipline is the assertion of will power over basic desires.

5 practical rules you can apply to practice self discipline in your life

Apply these 5 basic rules and see how it changes your life!

# 1- Go Temptation Free

Did you know that our brain is built and trained to avoid all kinds of pain, struggle or effort? Have you noticed that you always have a tendency to choose fun and leisure over work? This is exactly what we call ‘Temptation’. So the first rule of self-discipline is to remove those things that tempt you and keep you from doing your work. For eg: try getting your work done from some place far from your TV or your Fridge. This way you will stop procrastinating your work and will be able to give your best.

#2- Feel the Right Mood Always

Did you ever postpone your work because you were not in the right mood to work on it? In such cases, even if you plan to start your work 10 minutes late, you are bound to discontinue within a few minutes.

So here is an easy technique to overcome this problem-the 3 seconds rule.

The moment you feel you are not in the right mood to work on the project, just count 1, 2, 3 and then start off.

Do you want to get up from your bed?…1 2 3 and just do it.

Do you want to start with your studies? ?…1 2 3 and just do it. And before you realize, you are half way through your work and also towards achieving your goal.

#3- Set Achievable Goals

Get your things done faster by setting up achievable and realistic goals. Not only that, you will have to be realistically ambitious while setting up your goals. The easier way to set your goals is to define the steps to reach your goal. Once that is done, you will realize that your goal is too small and easily achievable. Studies reveal that challenging goals paves way to higher performance and makes you more productive by nature. In addition to setting up the perfect goal, it is equally important to set the perfect and most effective deadline till you become answerable and accountable to others. The moment people hold you accountable, you are more likely to complete your work much before your deadline.

#4- Long Term Action and Goals

Instead of cribbing and grumbling about your unsuccessful work or life, take the next step by working on the situation to change it for the good. Ask yourself these questions and try to find the answers to it.

  1. What actions are you taking to improve your life right now?
  2. What does your future look like based on your current actions?

Once you find answers to these above questions, you will be able to motivate yourself to do what you are supposed to do even if you ‘don’t feel like it’.

#5- Build a Productive Habit and Schedule

Do not start on a large scale in the beginning itself, instead start small and easy and keep progressing towards your goal through a step by step process. Big results do take time to achieve, however with small consistent actions you can achieve the impossible.

So don’t sit back and wait for the right time… instead use the 3 second rule 1…2..3.. Go!

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