A simple rule that describes the act of kindness is ‘What goes around come around’ which ideally means that if someone treats other people with love and kindness, he or she will receive the same treatment from someone else. This explanation is more than enough to teach your teenage children to reflect acts of love and kindness. However, you can do more to inspire and encourage them in their growing years:

A Space for Reflection

Ask your teenage child about the last time someone was kind to them and how it made them feel. Reiterating this fact can inspire and encourage them to show feelings of love and kindness to others. It will be also helpful to narrate your experiences whenever the situation arises.

Demonstrate Positive Behaviour and Reflect Overall Positivity

Make use of every opportunity and situation where you can reflect and carry out acts of random kindness and compassion. This way your teenage children will be able to connect between your words and actions.

Imperfection is not a crime

Inform your teenage children that it is perfectly fine to do things imperfectly for the first time and they need not wait for the right opportunity to show kindness. This means that even small acts of kindness and compassion will add up at the end of the day.

Encourage Your child to Volunteer

If your teenage child is not finding the right chance to show kindness, then you can always refer them to various charity organizations and volunteer programs that duly offer opportunities for young people to volunteer and help the needful.

Kindness and compassion are not something that you can adopt overnight,  however it is not an impossible thing that you can ignore as well. It is a behavioural pattern that one can cultivate and develop as your life goes.

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