Cleansing the intestines is very important as unclean and dirt filled intestines can lead to many grave diseases. It is not advisable and is difficult to clean the garbage collected in the intestines in one night. At the same time your intestines can be cleansed in four to five days and below mentioned are the methods you can follow to have a healthy and a clean stomach.

  • Firstly drink one to two glasses of lukewarm water early in the morning on an empty stomach. Further continue to drink lukewarm water throughout the day at regular intervals. Ensure to definitely have a glass of warm water before each meal (before breakfast, lunch and dinner). Regular intake of warm water breaks down the food at a faster rate and as a result it reduces the risk of constipation by supporting healthy bowel movements.
  • Indulge in a fast paced walk for two to three kilometres in the morning. This will slide down the stool stored in your intestines.
  • Ensure to include raw papaya spinach tomato salad as part of your daily diet. The enzymes present in the salad helps in easy digestions and prevents inflammation.
  • Make lightly thin moong dal a part of your diet along with the salad.
  • You can practice the ‘Pushan Mudra’ (gesture for digestion) for healthy intestines and digestion process. Please follow the below mentioned steps to practice the ‘Pushan Mudra’ without any mistake.
  • Right Hand Mudra– Press the tips of the index and the middle fingers to the tip of the   thumb. The ring and the little fingers remain outstretched, the palm facing up.
  • Left Hand Mudra-Press the tips of the middle and ring fingers to the tip of the thumb. The Index and pinkie fingers remain outstretched, the palm facing up.
  • For lowerGI-tract issues like gas bloating, or constipation-Press the tips of the ring and little fingers to the thumb. The index and middle fingers are left outstretched, palm up.

Basically you can practice Pushan Mudra for 45 minutes a day in five minute intervals or during any free time.

*Please make sure to take care of the medical condition of the person or ensure to take proper medical advice from the doctor before following the above methods to clean your intestine.

Stay Healthy… Stay Happy!

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