How the Indian Television Serials Affect Our Society

What is the first thing you see when an Indian channel airs a television serial?

Shall name a few here…

Dowry Killing Attempts

90% of the serials churn around the relationship between a girl and her in laws. The antagonist is either the girl or her in laws and here we get to see 5 years of torment, murder attempts and their repercussions.  Little do they know that the women at homes do sometimes get influenced by these scenes and serials and they do try to imitate the same in their respective households.  Also one of the reasons behind the increase in dowry deaths in our country.


As per the Indian serials, an easy way to torment the enemy is to kidnap the child, hold him or her captive only to demand ransom or to win the situation.

Miscommunication and Negativity

A lot of purposeful miscommunication simply induced to create a negative situation and each time when we think there is light at the end of the tunnel, it gets darker and darker.

Extra Marital Affairs

A love triangle is a usual thing that happens in these serials and the entire scenario revolves around this one emotion.  Nothing new or encouraging happens during this entire series.

High End Plotting

The plotting by the antagonist are completely high end and professional that sometimes it would outweigh the work of the real pro-criminals in the society. Though not completely, people do tend to pick up few bits and pieces from the crimes scenes shown in these serials. What they do not realize is that unlike in the serials, these crimes are not fool proof.

And these are only few from the huge bundle of negative incidents that are aired in these Indian tele serials

But why do they do that? The answer is simple… it is to give a nail biting experience and of course to hike the TRP (Television Rating Point).

The fact that a human mind always feels fascinated and pepped up with mystery and torture is one of the main reasons why the television channels air it without any hesitation.

Now let us find out what we CANNOT FIND in the Indian television serials:

Moral Complicity

Though a cliché statement, our society is definitely bound by certain moral norms which we obviously try to teach our children at a very early age. However recent years have seen a change in parents teaching abilities, and one of the reasons are the serials that do not exactly comply with our moral values.

Instead of teaching your child to be courteous and grateful, we tend to train our child to fight for his or her right come what may. Moreover along with the women, the children also stay glued to the serials and does get confused about what to absorb and reject when it comes to their values and behavior.

Logical Reasoning

The hero dies and is reborn after few years, and the beauty of it is that he remembers all the incidents clearly from his previous birth.

The heroine is from a below poverty line background, however she  is so prim and proper, looks as though she is dressed to a wedding always and has heavy make- up put on throughout.

Mother loses her child at the hospital and is in intense grief. But she still has the time and mind to don a silk saree with heavy jewellery , though the situation is grave and depressing. Do we need to say more? Not a tinge of logic and these serials are really distant from the actual happenings in the world.

Positive Atmosphere

Like mentioned before the serial starts off on a negative note and continues with slight occasions of positivity. But do you really feel elated and happy after watching each episode?  Or do you feel low and confused? Think about it.


What exactly are these serials teaching our children and the society? A few years back a legal case was slapped against a hindi serial as one of the audience gave the wrong medicine to her child after imitating the character in the serial. The show had to be stopped for a year or so. There is no harm in inducing some educative and valuable matter into the serials as it will definitely lead to positive infotainment.

Final Thoughts

For argument sake, we can always say that even movies portray scenes that are negative in nature, immoral and invaluable,  however we should understand that a motion picture ends in approximately 2 hours, Whereas a television serial gets stretched for atleast 5 years.

It is not rocket science, as we do have Indian soap operas that are entertaining as well morally bound. The only difference is such serials are very less in number.

Wouldn’t it be really good to throw a moral value at the end of each episode in a serial and this would lead to an amazing combination of Entertainment and Positivity.

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