Most of us take the word ‘Feedback’ with a negative emotion. The moment someone points a finger, you tend to become defensive and rebellious in your mind.  But you definitely try to keep a smiling face to show that you are taking the comment positively or you are not affected by it whatsoever.

Now, you can interpret and handle feedbacks in two ways:

One is the amateur way of dealing with it-Hide, Become defensive and opposes the person giving the feedback, with all your might. The second option is to deal with it like a pro- Face the person and the feedback, analyze his words and conduct a small scale research on whether the person is giving you a constructive or a destructive feedback.

Hop on to find out cool ways to handle your feedbacks like a pro

  • Evaluate and Be the Best- Take your feedback with a productive mind and try to find helpful and supportive information even within the harsh criticism. Don’t gear yourself to overreact the moment you get a feedback. Instead take a deep breath, get real and ask yourself this question: Is there any truth behind the given feedback? If you are still not able to find an answer to the feedback, consult your close friend or a co-worker and ask if they have the same opinion about you or your work. If the answer is a ‘Yes’, then it is time to evaluate your work or performance and find ways to better yourself next time.
  • It is not about ‘You’ Please do not conclude that every feedback given is about the person in you. The feedback is given as the reflection of your performance. Difficult feedback do become unbearable and disturbing.  The best way to handle this is to find out how successful people take feedback’s and how they deal with it to better their professional lives. Simply remember that it is not about ‘Who You Are’. It is about ‘What You Did’, your performances and actions.
  • Avoid, Ignore and Move Out Now not all feedback’s are constructive and it’s a fact. Some people find happiness in being mean and they just spit negative words to pull you down or to simply hurt you. When you face a destructive feedback from someone, just take a step back and keep calm.  Do nothing for a minute or two and give yourself enough space and time to think. Do not react immediately and analyze on how you want to respond to the situation. The best way to handle such baseless criticism is to simply smile and walk away. This way you can ease the situation and end it on a positive note.
  • Move Ahead Have you faced criticisms or were you given feedback in the public?- Don’t worry about it and do not let it get to you as it can hamper your mental health in the long run. Simply remember that you are human and it is ‘Humane to Err’. Take it with a pinch of salt, laugh away and move ahead. That’s it!
  • Find out More Avoid becoming defensive when you hear a criticism or get a feedback from someone. Instead try to find out the opportunities hidden in the feedback that will give you ample space to learn and grow. Put on your thinking hat and ask questions like Do you have any ideas on how I can improve? Or Can you let me know the best way to work on my performance?etc. Approach a feedback with a curious mind and this eventually leads to healthy, constructive and honest communication. But that does not mean you completely depend on the person’s advice for each and everything in your life.
  • Put yourself in their shoes Before reacting to a feedback with anger and resentment, put yourself in their shoes. What if the person himself struggled mentally to give you the feedback? What if he or she is giving you the feedback with the sole intention of seeing you improve and grow?

As mentioned before, there will be people who are just being mean, however constructive feedback’s are given by only those who wants to see you fair well in life and your profession.

Hence before jumping into a conclusion, take a minute and think from the other person’s point of view and then do a gut check.  This will help you identify your true well-wishers, right opportunities to improve and grow and last but not the least this will also help you demarcate the good from the bad. Feedback’s are something that you cannot avoid hence just keep an open mind- This is the best and the simplest solution to handle feedback and criticisms like a pro!