free photo editing software

Photopea is the free photo editing software which is also a free Photoshop alternative software.

Photopea is a powerful image editor that can handle both raster and vector graphics. It can be used for both easy and sophisticated activities, such as developing webpages, making graphics, and processing photographs, among other things.

The Photopea editor is accessed through a web browser. You can begin by visiting Photopea can run on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or other computer), but we recommend a large screen, a precise pointing device (mouse or stylus), and a keyboard for the best experience.

Photopea, like Sketch and Photoshop, is entirely contained on your device. It does not allow you to upload any of your files.

Photopea now supports the sRGBcolour system (the most used colour scheme for the web) and an 8-bit colour depth. sRGB is also used in all exported files.

How To Remove Fake Transparent Background

Many of the photos contain a false transparency (white / grey checkerboard). They’re usually JPG or PNG files with no genuine transparency. It’s quite simple to remove the checkerboard pattern!

Open your image at by selecting File > Open from the File menu. Then select Magic Cut from the drop-down menu. You’ll see your image along with a final version (if it is incorrect, look at our Magic Cut tutorial)

Use the “OK” button to confirm it. Now choose File – Export As – PNG, and you’re finished.

How To Compress PDF Online For Free

We frequently receive PDF files that are excessively large (scanned documents etc.). It’s possible that such high quality isn’t required for everyday use. They can be compressed online in a matter of seconds.

We’ll use to compress our PDF. To open your PDF, launch Photopea and select File – Open. Photopea supports PDFs with up to 30 pages.

When the PDF has been loaded, go to File – Export As – PDF. A new window will open. The final file size will appear at the bottom left corner.

In the export settings, enable rasterize all. Reduce the Quality till the file size meets the minimum requirement. If the quality is still adequate, zoom in on the preview. When you’re finished, select Save to save the file as a PDF. And you are done!

Each page is converted into a raster image using the procedure outlined above. Each letter becomes 30 pixels tall, for example. You may want to improve the quality (for example, make a letter 60 pixels tall) or compress the image even more (make a letter just 15 px tall). Here’s how to go about it.

Press Image – Image Size after opening your PDF in Photopea, input a smaller width / height (or switch to percents), and confirm with OK. Now it’s time to export: Export As – PDF (File – Export As – PDF).