favorite foods of world famous personalities

“We are What we eat”- German Philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach

It would be surprising to know that some of the world famous personalities took the simple road when it came to their food and eating habits. Most of them followed a strict vegetarian diet to stay fit and healthy during their busy lives. However they still had few guilty pleasures that they devoured like a kid in a candy store.

Let’s take a look!

1. Donald Trump

The former U.S. President Donald Trump has a long list of favorite foods starting from Bacon and Eggs which he usually has it for breakfast. Trump has said that he usually skips breakfast; however he prefers medium cooked bacon with eggs over it for an early meal. Apart from that, he also indulges in McDonald’s Egg Muffins, Cereals or Corn flakes strictly made in the USA, Chicken Bucket from KFC, Meatloaf, Crab and Shrimp as a part of his seafood diet, Cherry-vanilla ice cream to take care of his sweet cravings and Diet Coke being his all- time favorite drink. The president is a great fan of soda that it has been reported that he has a “little red button” in the Resolute Desk which pushed, signals a butler to bring him a fresh diet coke.

2. Barack Obama

Barack Obama is an ardent fan of healthy eating and thoroughly enjoys his greens mainly in the form of spinach and broccoli. The 44th US President tucks into apples, healthy and nutritious salmon and nut mixes. His guilty pleasures include his family’s chill recipe, cheeseburgers, the Hawaiian cuisine from his childhood days, and Fran’s Smoked Salt Caramels. Both Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama stays away from beetroots.

3. Joe Biden

The 47th President of the United States, Joe Biden is quite famous for his craving for ice creams. Biden’s love for ice cream is so deep rooted that apparently the Ohio-based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream made an ice cream inspired by Biden’s favorite ice cream flavor-chocolate chip. Other than that the president’s culinary preferences include Bobbie sandwich from his favorite eateries in his hometown and the Italian cheesesteak. He is also a great fan of pasta and parmesan’s chicken with rigatoni, which is one of his favorite home cooked meals.

4. Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi, the 14th Prime minister of India is a hardcore vegetarian who loves authentic Guajarati cuisine from his childhood and youth days. He often indulges in Khichdi (a healthy meal comprising of rice and lentils) with bhindikadhi (buttermilk stew with okra), Khatta Dhokla (a soft idlilike dish made with gram flour and curd) and Besan’s Khandvi (another delicacy of Gujarat made from gram flour and curd). He satisfies his sweet tooth by having shrikhand (Sweet yogurt) with dry fruit.

5. Dalai Lama

The spiritual leader Dalai Lama enjoys several noodle delicacies such as thupka (also known as shey-thuk), a noodle soup which is a native cuisine of Eastern Tibet and Northern Nepal. The other specific style of noodles served in Dalai Lama’s kitchen includes gya-thuk, a Chinese noodle and then-thuk which is a flat pulled noodle. Apart from that he also loves bread, cheese, mushrooms and tofu along with the herb coriander or cilantro, roasted barley flour with butter and fresh vegetables.

6. Vladimir Putin

The current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is known for his careful approach towards food. Putin is a man that leaves nothing to chance and has every meal tested for poison before he consumes it. As much as he is conscious of his safety, he is equally careful about his health as well. Putin includes tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce in his daily diet and prefers mutton over fish. Though not a complete sweet tooth, Putin enjoys the pistachio flavored ice cream adorably.

7. Francois Hollande

The French President Francois Hollande is a complete foodie who loves the food and fine wines of his home country apart from burgers. His sweet cravings has him reaching for chocolate and pastries.

8. Angela Merkel

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced a tough early life bound by food shortages, and as a result she is developed the habit of hoarding goods. However the German Chancellor finds solace in pure homemade food to appease her hunger. Angela prefers letcho which is an Hungarian vegetable stew, meat and pickled vegetable soup known as solyanka.

9. Abdul Kalam Azad

The ‘Missile Man’ of India, APJ Abdul Kalam Azad is a true Tamilian at heart and out and out vegetarian. He prefers the South Indian ‘Idlis’. Kalam was very close to his mother Ashiyamma and he always preferred his mother’s home cooked rice and sambar with coconut chutney. He also loves the traditional Iyengar food like VendhyaKozhambu (Fenugreek Seeds Gravy) and Puliyodare (Tamarind Rice).

10. Theresa May

Surprisingly UK’s current Prime Minister is partial towards the Indian cuisine at Malik’s, a restaurant located in her constituency in Berkshire. Also she binges on ‘Crisps’ especially the salt and vinegar flavor.

11. Pope Francis

The current Pope of Vatican enjoys empanadas (baked or fried turnover that has pastry and filling), sirloin steak and dulce de leche (caramelized milk) as a part of his favorite cuisines. His sweet tooth craves for alfajores which is a South American treat with two round cookies pressed onto sweet fillings often covered in powdered sugar, grated coconut or chocolate.  He is also an ardent fan of pizza that once he celebrated his birthday with a 13 foot pizza in the year 2013.

12. Justin Trudeau

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not much of a foodie; still he prefers Asian cuisines that are rich in proteins. He swears by the Japanese cuisine Sushi from his favorite restaurant Sakura Gardens in Montreal. Sushi involves high quality proteins that boosts metabolism and enhances the immune system, probably the reason why Trudeau stays fit all the time.

13. Shinzo Abe

The Japanese Prime Minister enjoys food mainly from his childhood days such as ice cream, Korean barbecue and ramen. He also indulges in a lot of healthy eating through healthy miso soup with clams, leeks, rice and natto which is fermented soybeans.

14. Benjamin Netanyahu

The Prime Minister of Israel enjoys a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables especially at government meetings. He also snacks on raisins and nuts at other times. His sweet tooth pushes him to devour vanilla and pistachio ice cream.

15. David Cameron

The former Prime Minister of Britain enjoys a good meat meal comprising of spicy sausage pasta, barbecues, roasts and fry-ups. He has gone on record and stated that his guilty pleasure would be an Isle of Jura Single Malt whisky.

16. Ramnath Kovind

The current President of India Ramnath Kovind is a strict vegetarian and prefers simple masala free Indian food with very little salt. He reportedly likes ‘Litti-Chokha’ which is a popular Bihari dish.

17. Bill Clinton

The former US president Bill Clinton is a thorough foodie and he loved chicken enchiladas, cheeseburgers and his childhood favorite sweet potato casserole before he was forced to change his diet under his doctor’s and wife’s orders. He also had a thing for vegetable beef soup and roast beef sandwiches.

18. Tony Blair

While in office, the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair preferred the authentic British favorite, fish and chips. However his chosen recipe for the 1993 cookbook is fettuccine with olive oil, sun dried tomatoes and capers.

19. George W Bush

George W Bush was a complete Texan at heart and he loved an All American food like “warm biscuits” and home- made chicken pot pie. He also preferred grilled cheese sandwiches with Kraft Singles and white bread.

20. George H W Bush

George H W Bush’s much love snack was pork rinds and the child in him preferred popcorn. The only thing he couldn’t stand was the broccoli which his mother made him eat when he was a child.

21. Fidel Castro

The Cuban Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro’s favorite dish was Erasmo’s vegetable soup. Though he became a vegetarian as he aged, he preferred the turtle soup and had a thing for western produce such as cheese, olives, fine wine and whisky.

22. Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela loved ox tripe (ulusa in the Xhosa language), farm chicken (umleqwa), fermented milk (amasi), stuffed crabs and chicken curry.

23. Kim Jong Un

The supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is passionate about snake wine Emmental Cheese.

24. Ronald Reagan

When in office as the Governor of California, Ronald Reagan mainly snacked on Goelitz Mini Jelly Beans that helped him to give up pipe smoking. On the food front, Reagan treated himself to a plain food diet like macaroni cheese and meat loaf.

25. Margaret Thatcher

Britain’s lady Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher liked grilled Dover sole and would not resist a Cointreau or Scotch and soda.

26. Idi Amin

The Ugandan dictator Idi Amin loved roast goat, cassava and millet bread. It is reported that he at 40 oranges a day believing it to be nature’s Viagra. When he was in exile he feasted on pizza and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

27. Richard Nixon

Nixon was known to put the red sauce on lots of dishes including cottage cheese and pineapple- one of his favorite snack and reportedly the last meal at the White House.

28. John F Kennedy

JFK had a delicate palate with a small appetite, but he feasted on the French cuisine while in office and during his tenure. He also liked poultry dishes such as tarragon and champagne sauce. He also appreciated the New England fish chowder and the clam chowder.

29. Franklin D Roosevelt

Roosevelt was an ardent fan of broths such as Fish soup, green turtle soup and the clam chowder. He also snacked on grilled cheese sandwich whereas apple pie and doughnuts satisfied his sweet cravings.

30. Mahatma Gandhi

Our ‘Father of the Nation’, Mahatma Gandhi was a hardcore vegetarian who survived solely on the staple indian diet of brown rice, dal and locally grown seasoned vegetables such as boiled beetroot and radishes along with chapathis. He also encouraged his supporters to consume goat’s milk and to give up alcohol.

31. Mao Zedong

The Chinese communist revolutionary, Mao Zedong feasted on Hong Shao Rou or the Red Braised Pork along with tofu and vegetables. He also preferred having pepper cooked in his bread.

32. Adolf Hitler

A surprising fact that the German dictator, Adolf Hitler was a occasional vegetarian-but he was known to eat liver dumplings. Towards the end of his life he was forced to survive on broth and mashed potatoes so as to keep up with his stress and indigestion problems.

33. Sir Winston Churchill

The Britain’s great leader Sir Winston Churchill did have a great appetite and did not shy away from oysters, consommé curry and various kinds of cheeses such as Stilton and Swiss Gruyere. He was also known to be a heavy drinker with a great liking towards champagne and brandy.

34. Joseph Stalin

Stalin’s culinary likings were linked to his childhood days such as Georgian wine, pickled cheese plums, pomegranates, spicy soups and walnuts. Nevertheless, he also indulged in marathon dinners, nelma and also participated in drinking games.

35. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a fan of healthy eating and preferred to just taste his food rather than eat large portions. He was a fruitarian and believed in safeguarding his health through his diet, however he also loved bacon.

36. Thomas Jefferson

The 3rd President of the United States loved the native Virginia ham and sweet potatoes. He also preferred the French cooking with fresh seasonal vegetables along with his favorite wine Madeira. America can thank Jefferson for bringing the waffle irons back from Europe, which goes to show that he had a great liking for the waffles.

37. Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is a hardcore Chocoholic and indulges in the chocolate perfection pie which is a pastry case filled with cinnamon, meringue and chocolate cream. It is also reported that the Queen is fond of grilled fish or chicken and stays away from starch for her meal or lunch. The Queen loves the Dover Sole with wilted spinach and courgettes for fish.

38. Princess Diana

Princess Diana loved Bread and Butter pudding for dessert and savored eggplant stuffed with zucchini, bell pepper, celery, onion, mushrooms, bacon and the mozzarella cheese.

39. Kamala Harris

The current Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris favors the South Indian dish idli with sambar, the North Indian tikkas, Whole roasted chicken, tuna melt, Burritos and Cheese burgers.

40. Mother Theresa

Mother Theresa or now widely known as St Theresa of Kolkata only had the strong inclination and desire to feed the poor and hungry. But Mother Theresa was a saint who loved fun, chocolates and ice cream. Other than that she was reportedly known to savor the simple Indian diet of dal chawal.

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