Women have really proved that they are more than just fashion, style and household chores. They have what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. However, the world still continues to throw situations at them, which they find challenging and frustrating.

This article talks about how women can overcome obstacles, move forward and become successful business leaders.

Face and prepare for women specific challenges

Though it sounds clichéd and old, yes there are women specific challenges and one has to face and overcome them to journey forward. Let’s have a look at few tips that will help you overcome these challenges

Note down the impending risks and challenges lurking around and have a clear idea about how you can set them aside to move forward. For that you can first:

  • Read and do a thorough research on successful Women, their experiences both good and bad, challenges faced by them and get an insight into their life as a whole. Also make it a point to research about women in your field, so that it will give you a better idea and focus on how your career path will pave out.
  • Make a note of the other factors and figure out what is stopping you.
  • Do not set your bar too low, which ideally means that have grander visions about your goal. Do not shove your business idea to be a hobby and instead give it a serious thought.  Gradually check off benchmarks as you move forward, find the factors that build your strengths
  • Find a way to balance your work and family- One cannot avoid the fact that the greatest challenge for women in the workforce is to strike a balance between their work and family. Find a company that offers parent-friendly policies, flexible scheduling, family healthcare benefits etc. On the other hand, if you are planning to start a company of your own, then find a full time help so that you are able to balance your family at home.
  • Surround and work with the right and supportive people- Choose a ‘Mentor’ who will be able to guide you throughout and who will help you get closer to your goals. You should also be able to rely on that person for both moral as well as for financial support.
  • Be Confident and Assertive- it is a simple thought-‘People will view you as you portray yourself’. So if you project confidence, then automatically the world will see you as a confident person. Let the confidence emanate from within you and this is possible by projecting confidence through your body language. Some of the tips that you can follow are standing tall and holding your head high. Greet people with a handshake and a smile. Make an eye contact with the person you are conversing and hold the gaze.  This is a definite sign of confidence.
  • Take care of your low days- Use positive affirmations to pull yourself up the moment you feel let down or if you feel your confidence is shaken. ‘ I am the best’ or I am determined to reach the top’ etc are some of the positive affirmations you can use to reassure your confidence levels.
  • Safeguard your money- It’s often seen that women find it difficult to secure and handle money for their ideas. This is because the venture capitalists tend to invest in men for their ideas and potential and judge women by their current performance. Hence it is important to change that perception and this can be done by  having a
    • Clear Vision of how you want your company to look like in about five to ten years.
    • How your vision will change the industry in the coming years?
    • How big can your company grow in terms of potential and revenue?
  • Last but not the least handle your feedbacks and criticisms well- Learn to recognize the difference between constructive and destructive criticisms.  Destructive criticisms usually looks like a snide comment made to hurt your self-esteem and to lower your confidence levels. The only way to handle such criticisms is to ignore them.  On the other hand, Constructive criticisms are meant to help you improve and you should take these seriously. Thank the person for the feedback and try to work on the same for great future.

Entrepreneurship and business is not some kind of rocket science for women, However when handled smoothly and with poise, it can definitely take you to greater heights.

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