Does Everything Happen for a Reason

Have you ever wondered as to why certain things happen in life and you do not find any rhyme or reason for the same? Like for eg: you had to purchase a certain product from the market and later you realize that it is of absolute no use to you and also cannot return it. Probably that useless thing might help you discover something new in your life or would affect your life in a particular way.

Through this article I would like to cite one such experience of mine which filled my heart and mind with happiness, relief and immense satisfaction. So here goes!

One day our wash basin tap started leaking and we could not stop the water flow. When we contacted our plumber he asked us to get a few things to repair the tap and one of them was the steel plate flange. But he forgot to mention the exact dimension and also we did not bother to ask him as we thought that it would be of a common measurement.

We went to the hardware shop and got the steel flanges for slightly a high amount and got it back home. The plumber informed us that he would come the next day morning to repair our washbasin tap.

Next day morning the plumber arrived and started off with his work and that is when he told us that the steel flanges that we got were of the wrong dimension and he needed the ones with a different measurement. He also told us that he would go himself, get the thing and return in 15 minutes.

15 minutes passed and still the plumber did not return. This kept us worrying since he had left his phone at our place and we did not have any way to trace him. After almost an hour we see our plumber coming with a big relieved smile on his face. Even we became curious and worried equally.

So here starts the story of why our plumber took more than 15 minutes to get the steel flange.

When our plumber was leaving for the hardware shop, he passed a house where he saw a huge crowd outside, people wailing and screaming from inside the house. He could not move forward as the narrow road was literally blocked. Naturally, he stopped his vehicle and started enquiring about the commotion. That is when he understood that a small boy about 3 years of age locked himself inside a room and was not able to unlock the door or the window.  Seeing this, his parents and his relatives started panicking as they could not find a way to rescue him.

This is when our plumber intervened and spent about less than an hour and rescued the boy singlehandedly from the room. Post which he continued his journey towards the hardware shop to get the steel flanges.

After he narrated the story to use, we felt relieved, happy and praised our plumber for saving a 3 year old’s life.

So when I think of now, it makes more sense as to why we bought the wrong steel flanges. If not for that, our plumber wouldn’t have gone to get the right ones. And if he hadn’t gone, he wouldn’t have rescued the child from the impending danger.

This incident strengthened my life policy that

‘Everything Happens for a Reason’

Happy Life!

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