An afternoon nap is always a relief and a booster. Did you know that taking frequent afternoon naps can considerably improve your mental health, location awareness, verbal fluency and memory. There exists a prejudiced opinion that taking afternoon naps can result in weight gain and other weight related ailments. An MMSE (Mini-Mental State Exam) cognitive performance test was conducted on about 2000 healthy people residing in different parts of the world, and who were aged atleast 60 and above.  Out of 2000, around 1500 test participants took regular afternoon naps where as the rest 500 did not. All the participants went through various physical and mental health checks, cognitive assessments and also the MMSE test for dementia. The screening test revealed that the cognitive performance such as the cognitive ability, visual-spatial skills, working memory, attention span, problem solving, location awareness and verbal fluency were on the higher end for the participants who took regular afternoon naps. As this is an observational study, the actual reason for this change of mental behavior among the afternoon nappers has not been established yet.

Always considering taking a nap when you face unexpected tiredness or fatigue or sleepiness, sudden sleep loss due to unplanned and long working hours or you can plan your naps regularly so that it becomes a part of your daily routine.