The Covide-19 outbreak has called for an increased demand for hand sanitizers. Choosing the right sanitizer can be quite tricky and there are few things that we have to keep in mind before selecting the correct hand sanitizer.

  1. Choose a sanitizer that suits your skin type- A skin friendly sanitizer will be mild on your skin and would not instigate any kind of skin inflammation.
  2. Check the sanitizer composition before the purchase- Certain hand sanitizers might contain damaging substances that can trouble your skin. So always choose the sanitizer that is safe for you and your skin.
  3. Storage Capacity- As alcohol-based sanitizers are inflammable, they should be stored in a safe place and should be kept away from kids.

Now let’s check out some of the best sanitizer brands in India:

1. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

The brand Dettol has been linked to personal hygiene from a very long time. The Dettol hand sanitizer is approved and certified by the Indian Medical Association and it vows to kill 99.9% germs without water. The Dettol hand sanitizer comes in three flavours-normal sanitizer, floral essence and spring fresh fragrance.

2. Sterillium hand sanitizer Blue Pack

The Sterillium hand sanitizer is a ready to use rub in product that is also used for surgical hand disinfection as well.This sanitizer lasts for 6 long hours and can be used to disinfect bacteria, yeasts and other forms of viruses. Moreover this sanitizer hydrates and refreshes your skin after the use.

3. Lifebuoy Care Immunity Boosting Sanitizer

The Lifebuoy Care Immunity Boosting Sanitizer lasts for 10 hours straight and makes you feel refreshed and smells great.

4. Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer Lemon

The Himalaya PureHands sanitizer is purely herbal as it contains coriander and lime extracts. This sanitizer is perfect for those people who like and use ayurvedic products. The ingredients within the Himalaya sanitizer ensures to moisten soften and protect your skin from oxidative damage.

5. Savlon Hand Sanitizer Spray

The Savlon Hand sanitizer spray kills about 99.9% germs and promises to destroy all forms of bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold and microorganisms. This hand sanitizer spray is leak proof and is also child friendly. The Savlon Hand Sanitizer Spray will keep your hands refreshed and soft for a very long time.

6. Dabur Hand Sanitizer Spray

Dabur has launched its own hand sanitizer under the brand name ‘Fem’ which has 60% alcohol base and is completely non sticky in nature. This sanitizer is available in 3 main fragrances like regular, lemon and strawberry.

7. Mirah Belle Hand Rub Sanitizer

The Mirah Belle hand sanitizer consists of 72.9% alcohol in the form of Propyle alcohol, glycerin and triethanolamine with demineralized water. This particular hand rub sanitizer claims to be non- irritating and retains the moisture effect on your skin. This Paraben and sulfate-free solution is highly suitable for kids and adults.

8. Raman and Weil Sterillium Hand Sanitizer

The Raman and Weil Sterillium hand sanitizer has built-in emollient that helps to keep your skin soft and rejuvenated. This sanitizer is also suitable for children as it only has 70% alcohol content in it.