Plants that Brings Good Luck and Money

Plants and animals hold a special place in the Indian culture and are often worshipped by different communities. It’s a known fact that plants are the store rooms of positive energy and gives a good cleansing effect to your homes. There are numerous plants that can be kept indoors as well as outdoors that exhibits dual purpose of beautifying the surrounding and purifying the area as well.

We are here to introduce you to some core Indian plants that can be kept indoors to purify and bring good luck to your nests:

1. Palms

The Palms scientifically known as the Arecaceae genera are known to bring wealth and peace of mind to your homes. The palms are also known as indoor palms and can be found on any e-commerce websites. The indoor palm energizes the space by activating its Fengshui element in the room. They are also known to purify the area by eliminating the toxic air in your surroundings.

2. Money Plant

The Money Plant scientifically known as the Epipremnumaureum has other names such as the hunter’s robe, silver vine, taro vine etc. This plant is commonly used in FengShui as it is believed to bring good luck. If you want the luck to shine you should have three to five braided money plants which will help ward off the negative energy in your house.

3. Rubber Tree

The Rubber Tree or the Rubber Fig is scientifically known as Heveabrasiliensis and is strongly related to good luck in the Asian culture. These plants are considered extremely auspicious and enhance the positive energy in your homes when placed in the ‘Wealth Area’ of your house. The round leaves of the Rubber plant symbolize happiness, abundance and wealth.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily scientifically known as the Spathiphyllumare known to beautify your homes and office spaces. The Peace Lily releases positive vibes and just as the name suggests, it brings peace and prosperity to the household where it is kept.

5. Jade Plant

The Jade plant is usually gifted to those who enter into new business ventures as it is known to bring success and prosperity when placed at the entrance of an office or home. Its association with the FengShui culture makes it one of most sought after indoor plant for homes as well.

6. English Ivy

The English Ivy vines are known to eliminate the toxicity of the air surrounding your homes and thereby it cleanses the energy within to release positive vibes and prosperity.

7. Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is a common household plant in India, scientifically known as the NephrolepisExaltata. The tiny leaves of the Boston Fern makes a very nice showpiece along with bring good luck to your homes.

8. Morning Glory

The Morning Glory scientifically known as the Convolvulaceae brings happiness, peace and glory to your homes. Interestingly, placing the seeds of the Morning Glory under your pillow wards off nightmares, gives you a restful sleep and brightens your mornings.

9. Philodendron

The Philodendron scientifically known as Philodendreae symbolizes the fire element that can energize any cold, dark area of your house.

10. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant scientifically known as ChlorophytumComosum, is an air filtering plant that is commonly seen in the Indian Households. The Spider plant is widely associated with the FengShui and plays a key role in bringing good luck and positive vibes to your homes.

11. Orchids

The world-wide recognized Orchids is commonly associated with wealth and prosperity in many cultures and communities. Orchids are known to release oxygen into the environment and thereby cleansing the area they are placed in.

12. Tulsi

The native Asian plant Tulsi, scientifically known as the Ocimum Sanctum, is considered as one of the holiest plants especially in the Indian culture. The Tulsi plant is used in many Indian rituals and is known to ward off evil energy lurking in the environment or the surrounding. It is also considered pious and relaxing to meditate in front of the Tulsi plant.

13. Snake Plant

The Snake Plant also referred to as the mother in law’s tongue, is considered as one of the luckiest plant that can bring wealth and prosperity into your household. It is also a great air purifier as it eliminates toxic gases from the atmosphere and protects the residents from the negative Chi.

14. Lotus

The National flower of India, Lotus is also common Indian household plant. Often linked to wealth in the Indian culture, the Lotus is one of the most beautiful plants that exude positive vibes and energy to an area. As it is an acquatic plant, you will need a large vessel to place the plant in the interiors of your house.

Below are some tips that will give you an outlook on the type of plants you can place indoors along with the exact spots where you can place them:

  • Do not place spiky plants in small rooms
  • Place Prickly plants and those plants with star-shaped leaves in the Fame sector or the far middle section of your home.
  • Place tall plants in the Family sector or the middle left area of your home as they symbolize growth and prosperity.
  • Always avoid dry flowers in your house
  • It is best to place the plants in the East and Southeast corners of your home.
  • Plants in multiples of three can lessen disharmony in relationships, except in the bedroom.
  • Use tall woody plant in the bathroom as it will help drain the excess Water element.
  • Ensure not to place too many plants in your bathroom.
  • Always opt for cut flowers, Yin or floppy plants in your bedroom space.