The role of parents does not always stand for teaching, preaching or imparting knowledge to our little ones.  There are also certain things that your children can teach and believe it or not these lessons can be far more intense and life changing.

Here are 10 valuable lessons that we can learn from our younger ones:

1. Stay Happy Always

The basic nature of children revolves around happiness and staying carefree throughout the day. That is because they are not disturbed by the pressures and burdens of life. The one thing you can learn from your children is to unwind and get closer to life with happiness, laughter and leisure activities. Stop worrying about tomorrow and enjoy the present moment as it lasts.

2. Start your Day Fresh and New

The major difference between adults and children are that adults always carry forward their tensions and burden to the next day and it becomes a continuous process. On the other hand, children always prefer to start new and fresh as they do not carry forward the previous day baggage of burdens. For them a new day is a day of fresh opportunities and, new adventures and a day to learn new things.

3. Accept Yourself

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you see yourself in the mirror? At the same time ask your child to do the same activity. We are sure that you will find a huge difference in yours and the child’s perception of the look and appearance. Grownups always tend to shrink and frown at their reflection; however children look beyond and accept their reflection with a smile. Learn to accept who you are and feel optimistic about it despite the flaws, and before you know the natural glow will follow. Self-appreciation and Self-confidence is something we can learn from our tiny tots. You must have noticed your little one clapping hands or shouting out loud appreciating himself or herself for completing a simple task. They do not shove it aside saying that it is something simple they have achieved and is not worth appreciating. Bottom line- Accept yourself and feel good about it.

4. Be Seriously Creative

Creative tasks always generate positive energy around you and energizes your soul. Children indulge in several creative works with their full attention and do not give up till they find satisfactory achievement. Whether it is clay modeling, or building sandcastles, they completely focus on these creative tasks with utmost energy and spirit. Naturally, they always feel happy, content and do not feel burdened at the end of the day.

5. Communicate your feelings and emotions

Children never hesitate to reveal their feelings whether it is joy, sadness, disappointment or anger. This is something the adults can learn from children. Bottling up emotions and suppressing your feelings will only lead to grave mental illness such as depression, anxiety etc. Expressing your feelings is a sign of transparency in your character which is the one quality you can imbibe from children.

6. Be Brave and Open

Open up and do what you feel like a child. Do not get overwhelmed by the people or the situation around you and be courageous enough to express your feelings. Dance and sing when you feel like and do not set limits to your personality. Learn to be cool and enjoy the life’s freedom like a child.

7. Be Positive

Perceive life with a tinge of optimism and before you realize you will be leading a simple carefree life. Children always perceive situations with innocence and are unprejudiced. This character trait of children allows them to look forward in life and they do not feel stuck in a particular situation forever, like the adults.

8. Be Proud of your scars

Children often boasts about their wounds and scars on their body. Have you tried doing that? The moment you are hurt physically or if you develop acne on your face, you immediately give up and start finding ways to hide it from the world. Stop doing that and accept your scars and perceive them as a sign of strength and survival.

9. Be Adventurous

Children are always up for trying out new things in life and is always on constant search f0r adventure. It is the parent who shows an inclination to stop them from indulging in adventure. Instead encourage them to learn and explore and join them to form a team to learn new things in life.

10. Cherish Friendship

Children always look lit up and happy when they are in a group or among their friends. They indulge in a happy banter and sometimes forget about the world around them. The entire situation turns positive and energetic. The same can be absorbed by adults as well. Learn to cherish your friendship, catch up for a friendly banter and feel positive and happy from within.

Take time to observe your child,his emotions, actions and reactions. You can definitely learn a lot on how to perceive and handle life with simplicity, grace, happiness and humility.